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We are two teenage friends (best friends) we love to do things together and as we don’t live in the same street, city or country we decide it would be fun to start a blog together so we could feel closer to each other. Here on this blog we aren’t going to give out our names so we are going to use nicknames so you guys will know who wrote the post, who is who and basic things that you’ll need names for and these are our nicknames: Daisy and Violet.

Hi I am Daisy. I wanted to start this blog because even show we are’t living close together anymore we still want to do something together so we don’t loose contact. I also have another blog check it out here. I have another blog I am a teen (I already said that but ok) and I love to share, write, talk about nature and make my own recipe. I have a kitten called Maurice.

Hi Violet here! I decided to start this blog with Daisy because I love her so much! I have another blog here. Well let’s get to the point. If you were wondering I love animals, pets and every thing that has something to do with that! I don’t have a pet myself but I have had bunnies, fish and a parrot. I also love cooking and sharing recipies, so I’ll be sharing alot of recepies here with you guys!

Here’s Daisy and Violet. We want to tell you about about our friendship. I met Violet before the school year started, so I would know someone when I started school. We hit it off from the very start but after a while a new girl came and we got in a fight (and when I say fight I don’t mean like a 1 day or 2 week fish I mean like a 5 month Fight) But that’s another story (Violet will tell here opinion and I will tell mine and we will tell it together). But after 5 months of fighting we made up and it was just before the holiday. But then something really bad happened!! Violet had to move away to a howl other country. We were sad but we said to each other that we would stay in contact and we would always text and FaceTime. We will talk about friendship, food, nature and our lives.

Hope you enjoyed and that you will follow us on our friendship journey.


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