No bake Oreo Cheese cake!

Hi Violet here.

This recipie sounded to good, I had to share it with you!

I love cheesecakes and oreos so why not just combine them?



2 cups (216g) Oreo crumbs (from about 20 Oreos)
1/4 cup (56g) butter, melted


678 gr (24 oz) cream cheese, room temperature
1/2 cup (104g) sugar
1 tsp vanilla
226 gr (8 oz) cool whip or homemade whipped cream
1 1/2 cups (162g) Oreo crumbs (from about 16 Oreos)
7-10 Oreos, chopped, (optional)


3/4 cup (180ml) heavy whipping cream, cold
6 tbsp (44g) powdered sugar
1/2 tsp vanilla extract
Oreo crumbs for the top, optional
Oreos, cut in half


1. To make the crust, combine the Oreo crumbs and the melted butter.
2. Press the crumbs into the bottom and halfway up the sides of a 9 inch springform pan. Set in the refrigerator to firm.
3. To make the filling, mix cream cheese, sugar and vanilla together in a large bowl with a mixer until smooth and well combined.
4. Fold in the Cool Whip (or homemade whipped cream).
5. Add the Oreo crumbs and chopped Oreos and gently mix until well combined.
6. Spread the filling evenly into crust and smooth the top. Set in the refrigerator until firm, 4-5 hours.
7. Remove the cheesecake from the pan.
8. To make the whipped cream, add the heavy cream, powdered sugar and vanilla extract to a large bowl. Whip on high speed until stiff peaks form.
9. Pipe swirls of whipped cream around the top of the cheesecake. Top with additional Oreo crumbs and Oreo halves, if desired.
10. Refrigerate until ready to serve.






I hope you liked it, for more info on the recipe press here, I did not make this recipe but I really liked it and I wanted to share it.

If you are the owner  of this recipe please send us a email if you don’t want it on this website and we will take it down.


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