5 Healthy snacks

Hi Diasy here. Today I am going show you 5 healthy snacks that supper easy to make and you probably have all the indigents in your house.

  1. Home healthy made ice cream. Just squeeze some lemon or orange or grape fruit and then pour some water in your ice cream trays and then add your lemon or whatever juice in and if you want you can also add some fruit pieces
  2. Yogurt and fruit.You can have your fruit and some honey in your yogurt to make it more interesting.
  3. Oatmeal and honey cereal. Cereal from the store can be really unhealthy. To make some really delicious cereal all you need is some oatmeal, honey and milk. Just mix your honey into your oatmeal and then ad your milk and you will get oatmeal honey cereal.
  4. Dip. Just make your own mini dip. Take some carrots, cheese berries, dried fruit, bread or bread sticks and for your dip you can use yogurt or sour cream.
  5. This one is really simple, salad. you can make any salad you want because there are so many to choose from.

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