Life Hacks.

Diasy here.

Here are 8 great life hacks you should try.

  1. Even though I’m not the biggest fan of avocados I found this hack really cool. Next time you buy a avocado take the stem off. If the part under the stem is dark and brown stay away from it but if it’s green then your avocado will be creamy and green on the inside.
  2. If you want to season your salad with some lemon (or just use the lemon for something) then this will be a great hack. Role your Lemmon back and forth a few times and you will get more juice our of your lemon.
  3. Cut a little of the bottle or top of your lemon and then use a sprayer and stick it into the top of your lemon. It should for around 3 days.
  4. This one isn’t so much food life hack but I wanted to show you anyway. Take a jar and then take a peace of paper and make a cylinder out of your peace of paper and then put your cylinder in your jar and fill you cylinder up with some cotton balls or just something that will fill it up. Put some candy in your jar (not in the cylinder) then take the cotton out and now you can hide things in your cylinder because once your jar is closed nobody will see a cylinder in the middle.
  5. Next, so put a plate upside down, then put the grapes, tomatoes or what ever oval thing your trying to cut on the upside down plate. After that put another plate on the grapes and and hold the plate tight while you cut threw the grapes and there you have perfectly cut grapes in no time.
  6. This hack is really great for work, school trips and also when your relaxing at home, take a orange and cut the top and bottom off and then slice an opening (vertically) down the side of your orange and then you can use the opening to open the orange, and then you can eat your orange like a tangerine.
  7. This is probably my favourite. When your treeing to separate an egg yoke and an egg white just take a empty water bottle and suck the egg yoke in the plastic bottle and relice it in another bowl.
  8. This one is more of a DIY but I wanted to show you anyway. galls or a jar and put some coffee beans in and then you can either leave it like that or you can put some makeup brushes or pencils/pens in. Your room will smell like coffee. Don’t do this if you don’t like the smell of coffee.

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