5 Friendship Tips

Hi Diasy here.

So you probably already know that we don’t live close any more, that doesn’t mean that we don’t talk. I am going to tell you 5 friendship tips.

  1. Fighting is ok. If you have a fight (like we did) with our friend don’t worry. It will be ok, it normally just makes you even stronger and trust each other more.
  2. Trust If your going to hind something from our friends/best friend don’t, try to tel them. A friendship is all about trust, you should tell your friend (if its a surprise birthday party for something like that then don’t tell).
  3. Be there. You have to be there for your best friend and your best friend should be there for you. If you don’t have time or have to be with your family thats ok, but if your friends doesn’t have time for 2 weeks then talk to your friend how you feel. Violet isn’t always there for me and I’m not always there for Violet, but we are there in the most important times and your friend should also be there when you need them most and you need to be there when they need you most.
  4. Don’t be jealous.  You can’t have your friend  all for yourself. My dad once told me. Its like having a bird, if you keep your brand in a cage al the time it will find a way out and escape and it won’t come back, but if you let your bird out of its cage and let it fly it might come back and now we come back to trust. I know it’s hard to let your friend go but you need to trust that they will come back and if you fired doesn’t come back she wasn’t a real friend.
  5. bit by bit. It’s different for everyone, for some people they open up fast to new people and for some they don’t open op fast and take time to trust people. I take time to open up and Violet is my only friend that I am 100% myself. But it took me around 10 months to 100% open up to her. So don’t rush your friend(s) because you will be just pushing them away, some people need time and you need to give them time.

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